My Story

I started acting when I was eight years old in a children's theatre production of The Music Man. What started as a fun way to spend my summers quickly developed into a lifelong passion, and now a career. 

After graduating with my BA from Santa Clara University I went on to teach high school acting for a year, and it was during this time in the classroom that I realized there was more I wanted to learn. 

I applied to a few graduate programs across the country and was awarded a scholarship to The New School for Drama in New York City. I had the opportunity to work with an incredible group of artists, industry professionals and an inspiring -legendary- faculty, and was named the James Love Scholar, graduating with my MFA in Acting.

Since school I have worked coast to coast in regional theatre, off-Broadway, and on camera. 

I feel that actors have a unique responsibility to the world: to share the human experience with others. My goal is to keep making art wherever/whenever possible, to continue to learn and grow and develop my craft- and to pursue my passion in the unending quest for truth in our world. 



"​Jeffrey Brian Adams carries the heart of the show and delivers a triumphant performance rich in endearing self-effacement, deadpan comic delight, impressive full-throated vocals and a physicality so buoyant he can’t keep it contained on the stage. The man is simply made for musicals."​ ​-SF Examiner

"Jeffrey Brian Adams is funny and campy when necessary, but also subtle and emotionally true. Bay area theatre goers know that Adams is an actor of unusual range, equally at home in classic American dramas and musical comedy. He brings his full toolkit to this role and the result is delightful." ​-TheatreStorm 

 "...he helps build his character just with his discerning decisions about whether to belt or whisper his sustained notes with his pure tenor." -San Francisco Chronicle

"Jeffrey Brian Adams is the cast’s vocal standout." -San Jose Mercury News

​“Jeffrey Brian Adams is a delightful Jon Hamm look-alike who charms. His vocals and timing were perfection.” ​-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"...has that handsome cleft chin." -​The New York Times